Our portfolio of venture investment companies includes the following:

Renaissance Gold: In 2001, 3rd Creek Ventures, LLC. (3CV) invested in a small mineral exploration company in Northern Nevada called AuEx Ventures, Inc. (AuEx). The success of AuEx began in an 800 square foot Depression era home in the late 1990s, when geologists Richard Bedell and Ronald Parratt, scouring maps of Nevada, began their search for promising gold exploration sites. The partners soon realized that they would need additional capital to finance operations. With the assistance of 3CV and others, AuEx raised capital, first through private placements and then as a publicly traded company, and has proceeded to develop a strong portfolio of promising exploration projects.

Fronteer Gold Inc. acquired AuEx Ventures, Inc. Part of the spinoff of the deal turned the management and officers of AuEx into a new company called Renaissance Gold.

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Electrical Density Gauge, LLC: In 2001, 3rd Creek Ventures, LLC. (3CV) partnered with local engineers and several investors from Northern Nevada to provide funding for the development and production of the Electrical Density Gauge (EDG), an innovative non-nuclear technology for application in the construction industry. The EDG is a soil density measuring device used to test soil prior to the construction of buildings and roadways.

The EDG was brought to market in 2006, and it is a preferable alternative to its predecessor, the nuclear density gauge, because of its patented non-nuclear technology. The device is used by engineering firms, state Departments of Transportation as well as several international government agencies.

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Smitten Ice Cream, LLC: Smitten Ice Cream crafts decadent churned-to–order ice cream using only the freshest and purest, locally sourced and organic ingredients (and no artificial anything – zero, zilch, nada). Smitten makes everything right down to their proprietary Brrr ™ machine (invented by Robyn Sue Fisher), which churns the utmost perfect scoop right before your eyes using liquid nitrogen (at -321˚!).  Robyn created Smitten Ice Cream in 2007 and began selling her scoops on the streets of San Francisco out of a Radio Flyer wagon in 2009. The constantly innovating and growing company currently has four locations across the Bay Area with its headquarters in San Francisco. Thanks to their obsessively high standard for quality and chef-driven menu, Smitten Ice Cream is supremely smooth in texture with unparalleled seasonal and traditional flavors – all made-to-order just for you.

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Spinal Surgical Strategies: In 2013, 3rd Creek Medical Ventures invested in Spinal Surgical Strategies, (SSS) a limited liability company that develops tools to make minimally invasive spinal surgery easier for both surgeon and patient. The first product improves bone graft delivery to the intervertebral space by allowing smooth and efficient application of autograft and/or bone graft, thereby cutting the surgery time extensively.

The company is based in Denver, CO. Harris Kirschner of 3rd Creek serves as CFO of SSS.

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Pedia Solutions: 3rd Creek Medical Ventures invested seed capital in Pedia Ventures, a company that designs, patents, and markets both medical and consumer products that provide optimal solutions for infants. The initial product, MediPopTM is an easy to use pacifier device that provides infants with pain relief through a sucrose solution dispenser and uses new technology to provide unparalleled safety and age specific customization.

GooFoo: In 2015, 3rd Creek Medical Ventures invested in GooFoo Gelato, a startup company in Vietnam that produces and sells fresh, high quality ice cream.