Grantee Partners

3rd Creek Foundation (3CF) is committed to achieving its vision by supporting initiatives that fit within the scope of its mission.

Our grantees for the fiscal year ending on June 30, 2016 include:

Hoste Hainse - Nepal
Hoste Hainse Nepal provides education to some of the poorest school age children in Nepal in order to provide them with the greatest opportunity for empowerment and community development. Since 2007, 3CF has funded the education of nearly 300 students each year in Sarlahi, one of the poorest districts in the country. In 2011, 3CF allocated additional funds for the construction of a school building in Shreepur.

3CF and Die Zukunft of Germany are the two principal donors supporting the four community schools in Sarlahi (Padariya, Sahodawa, Dhangada, and Shreepur) managed by Hoste Hainse. These villages are characterized by extreme poverty; the caste system dominates the social structure and half of the students in the community are classified as “Dalit,” or the untouchable caste. The grant funding received by Hoste Hainse supports the educational needs of more than 1,900 children. Hoste Hainse also implements poverty alleviation projects in Sarlahi; in partnership with Nepal's Poverty Alleviation Fund, Hoste Hainse has ima goat lending program that led to increased income generation among families.

Thriive - Kenya & Vietnam
Thriive's mission is to build prosperity and pay it forward in developing countries.

Thriive inspires a culture of philanthropy in challenged communities and offers a sustainable way out of poverty by helping to create jobs. As Thriive helps small businesses grow with needed capital, the businesses pay forward this assistance by donating job training and products to the most vulnerable in their communities.The majority of entrepreneurs are so inspired by the impact their gifts have on others that they continue to give, transforming themselves from someone in need to someone whose donations help fortify their community. Thriive provides small businesses with capital that is used primarily to support the purchase of equipment necessary for expanding production. In this way, Thriive drives both economic and social growth by empowering small business entrepreneurs to become self-sustaining support systems.

Upaya Logo.png

Upaya Social Ventures - India
Upaya Social Ventures is building businesses that create jobs and improve the quality of life for the “ultra poor.” We do this by providing seed funding and business development support to promising entrepreneurs that can create hundreds of jobs in India’s most impoverished communities. As these small businesses grow, they will generate sustainable, well-paying jobs for families living in extreme poverty. As of February 2016, this work has resulted in 10 financially healthy, scalable businesses that have created over 2,300 jobs in local communities. 

Village Enterprise - Kenya
Village Enterprise equips people living in extreme poverty in Kenya and Uganda with the resources needed to create sustainable businesses. This year, 3CF is supporting Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in both Eldoret and the Kisere Forest of Kenya. This project provides seed capital and business development services for 20 businesses led by women near the fragile ecosystem of the Kisere Forest in Kenya. The project integrates training on environmental conservation, thereby alleviating poverty and reducing habitat destruction simultaneously.

Village Enterprise focuses its efforts in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania) and since inception, has created over 8,300 new businesses and raised over $3.2 million for their Next 100,000 Lives campaign.

Prchal Scholars - Vietnam
A retired pharmacist turned philanthropist runs a small non-profit in Vietnam which locates underprivileged children, interviews their families, and connects them with international sponsors such as Dave and Pamela Straley.

The Prchal Scholars program provides scholarships in the form of tuition and books for 10 of these children. This program is in memory of Charles Prchal, a US soldier and schoolmate of Dave's, who was killed in Tay Ninh province during the Vietnam War.