About Us

3rd Creek Investments, Inc. (3CI) is an investment advisory firm based in Incline Village, Nevada. Our clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are located in various parts of the United States and around the world.  Our mission is to protect and sustainably grow our clients' wealth.

3rd Creek Investments was founded in 2001 by Dave B. Straley, CPA, who wanted to provide clients with personally tailored investment advisory services coupled with annual tax preparation and other related services. Today this vision remains at the heart of the 3rd Creek Investments service model. 

3rd Creek Investments is registered with the State of Nevada and the State of Washington.    

Why 3CI?

We are dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals through creating, protecting, and growing wealth. We do this by:

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  • Experience in local and global markets  We have been serving clients since 2001 and currently have over $70 million in assets under management. We take a diversified approach and invest across a variety of asset categories, sectors, and geographic regions.
  • Fiduciary responsibility  We always serve your interest above our own and, as a fee-only firm, we never take commissions or any type of third-party payments.
  •  A service approach that simplifies your life  We offer a consolidated service suite including a personally tailored investment portfolio, annual tax returns, and accounting services.


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“3rd Creek Investments, Inc. is a registered investment advisor in the State of Nevada and State of Washington. The advisor may not transact business in states where it is not appropriately registered, excluded or exempted from registration. Individualized responses to persons that involve either the effecting of transaction in securities, or the rendering of personalized investment advice for compensation, will not be made without registration or exemption.”