About Us

3rd Creek Foundation (3CF) is a private family foundation started in 2007 by Dave and Pam Straley to help alleviate global poverty.

Our vision is a world free from poverty and our mission is to help individuals achieve economic independence.

The Problem

Today, our world is more technologically advanced than ever before, and yet 1 billion people live below the poverty line. Caught in the vicious "poverty trap," these individuals often lack the resources such as education, accessible healthcare, and economic opportunity, which they need to improve their situation. This leads to systemic poverty that continues on with each subsequent generation.

Our Approach

3rd Creek Foundation approaches the problem through funding initiatives that provide people living in poverty with access to resources and economic opportunities in order to improve their livelihoods. Our goals are to generate jobs and opportunity for the poor and promote programs that demonstrably improve livelihoods. We take the following programmatic approaches to achieve impact:

  • We invest in social and micro-enterprise to generate jobs and promote economic development in impoverished regions
  • We make charitable grants to nonprofit programs that help underprivileged individuals achieve economic independence. This can be through a variety of means, including but not limited to vocational training, business development services, education, or land rights.

What Makes Us Unique

Doing a lot with a little
As one of the smallest foundations in the United States, we have been funding charitable projects worldwide since 2007, creating real and lasting social outcomes. While many small foundations face challenges to international grant-making, we are able to leverage our global networks and experience to participate in international philanthropy and impact investing.

A focus on impact
We maximize the impact we have by funding high quality programs and committing a portion of our principal to impact investments. Each year, approximately 13% of our assets are invested to achieve impact objectives. The typical model for charitable foundations is to commit 5% annually. In addition, we value robust monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of program outcomes We partner organizations with a commitment to M&E and are we are continuously improving our M&E standards.


Global Mindset and Experience
We are enthusiastic about international connectivity and value global citizenship. Our board includes seasoned international development professionals with decades of experience in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia.

Building Lasting Relationships
We value long-term, high value relationships with our partners. In addition to providing funding, we also get involved in a variety of areas including strategic planning and evaluation, fundraising, and organizational capacity building.


We regret that we cannot reply to all unsolicited requests for funding.