What We're Reading - October 9, 2015

The Beauty of Ugly Food: You won't believe how much edible food we're wasting - Jill Richardson / AlterNet

This article shares fascinating examples of social enterprise in the US that are making big headway in solving a mega-challenge in the domestic food market: too much waste.

Families Funding Change: How Social Justice Giving Honors Our Roots and Strengthens Our Communities - Niki Jagpal & Ryan Schlegel, National Committee fir Responsive Philanthropy NCRP

NCRP helped to craft the Foundation Center’s definition of social justice philanthropy as “the granting of philanthropic contributions to nonprofit organizations based in the United States and other countries that work for structural change in order to increase the opportunity of those who are the least well off politically, economically and socially.” 
Family Foundations aren't funding social justice as much as their peers in philanthropy. At 3CF we are proud to fund organizations and programs that are actively increasing the opportunity for those who are the least well off. 

What we're reading - Oct 2, 2015

"Even when people explicitly and consciously support fairness, nonconscious processes can undermine their intentions through implicit bias. As we learn more about this complex phenomenon, it is critical that philanthropy uses this knowledge to help move us toward greater inclusion and fairness – and that those in philanthropy realize their own susceptibility to implicit bias."
"If resources for indirect subsidies from housing through food were redirected toward cash payments to the poorest, more (and more sustainable) poverty reduction could be achieved at less cost."

Darren Walker, President of Ford Foundation, reflects on philanthropy's relationship with capitalism and inequality.

What we're reading - Sept 25, 2015

The Future of the American Worker - Aspen Institute
Discussion on the role that private sector can/should play on supporting economic mobility in the United States

6 Tips for Managing People Who Are Hard to Manage - Forbes
Thoughtful reflection on people management - relevant for anyone working in private or social sector organizations

Race to Renewable: 5 Countries Ditching Fossil Fuels - Guardian
Costa Rica, Afghanistan, China, India, and Albania all making unique strides in renewable energy.

Expanding the Community-Based Dental Health Program in North Tahoe

Persistence, continued commitment to operations, and a wide network of supportive stakeholders paid off recently in the expansion of the community-based dental program in North Lake Tahoe. From our usual routine of one biannual free dental screening for kids held...

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Building a community-based dental health program in Nevada

What I have learned through years of community health programming both in the US and internationally, is that driving positive health outcomes and behavior change requires careful observation, commitment to iterating program operations/delivery over time, convening a network of stakeholders to support the process, and strong persistence.

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3CF Site Visit: Hoste Hainse, Nepal

Last month, I visited 3rd Creek Foundation partner organization, Hoste Hainse, in Nepal. Hoste Hainse is a unique, locally led Nepali organization that we have supported since 2007 which delivers education and income generation services to the ultra-poor in marginalized communities throughout Nepal.

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3CF and Upaya Social Ventures Sign MoU

We are excited to announce that 3rd Creek Foundation and Upaya Social Ventures have established a collaboration through which both organizations will work together to identify, support the development of, and potentially co-invest in Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs) that can create employment for India’s poor.

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Thriive: Building Prosperity and Self-Sufficiency in Global Communities

At Thriive we believe in coupling the power of free markets with a commitment to social justice. We believe in an interconnected global economy that pursues shared prosperity and stability. And we believe in the dignity and potential of challenged global communities to become more self-reliant.

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