FY 2014 Grants Announced

3rd Creek Foundation completed its grant cycle for the 2014-15 Fiscal Year, and announces its continued support to veteran grantee partners. We provided funding for:

·         Hoste Hainse to support children’s education in 4 remote villages in Nepal’s Sarlahi District;

·         Village Enterprise to promote rural poverty alleviation through income generation applying a graduation model in Western Kenya;

·         Agora Partnerships to promote social entrepreneurship in Latin America; and

·         Thriive to support micro-entrepreneurs and job creation in Kenya and Vietnam

In response to the devastating earthquakes in Nepal earlier this spring, we also provided $1,250 to fund emergency medical supplies for rural health camps led by the Kathmandu Teaching Hospital. We continue to work with local partners closely on reconstruction efforts. We will have more information on these initiatives in the near future.