12.28.2014 Meeting Summary

The 3rd Creek Foundation Board convened on December 28th, 2014 for its end of year board meeting in Lake Tahoe, NV. Looking forward to 2015 and beyond, the board discussed a few noteworthy changes. First, 3CF concluded that in order to achieve improved operational efficiency and more concentrated impact, we will shift our geographic focus to South Asia. This is a longer-term objective, one that we intend to implement over the next few years. 3CF also modified the vision statement to capture the world we envision through the more simplified phrase: “A world free from poverty.” And finally, 3CF welcomes Harris Kirschner on as 3rd Creek Foundation newest board member.

We look forward to what lies ahead in 2015. The current schedule includes increased impact investments, a shared strategic plan, a new 3CF reading list, board handbook, and inaugural annual report.