Breaking New Ground: 3CF Strategic Planning Retreat

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We shared, we learned, we debated. We laughed, we ate, we rested. Our Board of Directors 2014 Strategic Planning Retreat was extremely productive, jovial, and exhausting this past weekend. Our five geographically dispersed members convened in Tahoe to discuss several topics including the 3CF values, scope of mission, and business model. We then applied the results from these discussions to decision-making in the areas of communications, impact investing, and monitoring and evaluation. We had a lot of territory to cover.

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Initially afraid my guacamole-making ability was the only thing I might bring to this retreat, I quickly discovered room at the round table for myself as the newest board member. The value placed on everyone’s unique perspective and areas of expertise offered the opportunity for generating wonderful ideas. As our Executive Director so gracefully stated: There are no bad ideas… while they may not be used, they may be the catalyst for the ideas we need. I believe we all took her advice to heart and were able to accomplish each session’s outcomes with some rather interesting and worthy ideas, analysis, and decisions. I feel truly blessed for having been part of 3rd Creek Foundation’s annual retreat.

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As the photographic evidence of our discussion process shows, we were engaged throughout the weekend in thorough and respectful discourse. Many action items were generated, committees formed, and tasks assigned. So far, we are off to a great start for this next fiscal year.

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I am looking forward to seeing and working with everyone again at the next board meeting. May the world be a little better off and a little more economically independent when we re-convene in December.

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Sara joined the 3rd Creek Foundation board in 2013. She graduated from UC Davis in 2003 with a Bachelor's of Science in Human Development, San Francisco State University in 2005 with a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, and TEFL Worldwide Prague in 2008 with a Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate. She currently teaches 5th grade in the San Jose Unified School District in San Jose, CA. Sara loves swimming, riding her bicycle, and picnicking.