Haiti Trip Report: Carbon Roots Tackles Poverty & Deforestation

"Eric Sorensen and Ryan Delaney are building a social enterprise in Haiti called Carbon Roots. It is the kind of company that checks all the boxes we look for at 3rd Creek Foundation. The Carbon Roots business model increases..."

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Scaling impact and footprint of local businesses in India: A Panel Discussion with Upaya’s Accelerator Program

The eight entrepreneurs in in Upaya’s Cohort1 are growing small businesses from India’s informal sector, such as food delivery, jobs placement, shoe cleaning, and waste management. Each business has been successful operating in a local environment, and is preparing to scale across a wider geographic footprint and market size in India.  ...

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Spotlight on Rebecca: Woman Entrepreneur from Kitale, Kenya

3CF partners with Village Enterprise in the Kitale area of western Kenya to help rural women living below the poverty line start small businesses that graduate them and their households out of extreme poverty.   Neighborhood women with similar business interests join into groups of 3 entrepreneurs to establish each new business. ...

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John Locke and the Ilbisil Maasai Women’s Savings Group?

John Locke, one of the enlightenment philosophers, posited in the 17th century that the fruits of an individual’s labor entitled that person to own and accumulate property, a God-given right. A person’s property, broadly interpreted to include everything from the material goods to personal aspirations, ...

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Q&A with Danielle Decatur, Newest Board Member

3CF recently welcomed Danielle Decatur to the board. Danielle has spent 10 years in consulting, providing Change Management and Lean Six Sigma expertise across many industries while employed by Microsoft and IBM. She also worked in Environmental Sustainability for AREVA while obtaining her MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

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Announcement: Maitri Livelihood Services Receives Follow-on Impact Investment from 3rd Creek Foundation, Upaya Social Ventures

Kolkata, West Bengal 11 FEBRUARY 2016 -- Upaya is proud to announce today that it has come together with 3rd Creek Foundation (3CF) to provide a follow-on investment into Maitri Livelihood Services Private Limited (Maitri), a caregivers training and placement company that recruits, trains, and secures employment for women from vulnerable backgrounds in the East and Northeast communities of India. 

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New Impact Investment with Essmart

I am excited to announce 3rd Creek Foundation’s (3CF) newest impact investment partnership with Essmart, a company that delivers life-improving goods to the rural poor. This is the second investment that we have made as part of our impact investing pilot program.

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Amidst Earthquake Destruction & Fuel Crisis, Hoste Hainse Pushes for Education

Tuesday, December 1st was a big day for the teams at Hoste Hainse and 3rd Creek Foundation (3CF). We were out the door of our Kathmandu residences by 4:30am and on our way to two remote villages in the north of Sindupalchowk District. 

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3CF Updates From the Field: A Week in Vietnam, Part II

Board Member Sara Cannon visited Vietnam in September, 2015, with 3CF partner: Thriive, an organization that builds prosperity and pays it forward in vulnerable global communities. Thriive is a unique charity that supports small business development through providing loans to small businesses, who then pay “forward” the full value of the loan to marginalized groups in their communities through donations of business goods, services, or job training. In her recap from the experience, Sara reflects on the adjustment from service mindset, to business mindset, to a mindset that blends the two.  

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What We're Reading - October 9, 2015

The Beauty of Ugly Food: You won't believe how much edible food we're wasting - Jill Richardson / AlterNet

This article shares fascinating examples of social enterprise in the US that are making big headway in solving a mega-challenge in the domestic food market: too much waste.

Families Funding Change: How Social Justice Giving Honors Our Roots and Strengthens Our Communities - Niki Jagpal & Ryan Schlegel, National Committee fir Responsive Philanthropy NCRP

NCRP helped to craft the Foundation Center’s definition of social justice philanthropy as “the granting of philanthropic contributions to nonprofit organizations based in the United States and other countries that work for structural change in order to increase the opportunity of those who are the least well off politically, economically and socially.” 
Family Foundations aren't funding social justice as much as their peers in philanthropy. At 3CF we are proud to fund organizations and programs that are actively increasing the opportunity for those who are the least well off.